Let’s get cozy

Denim jacket outfit

Baby, it’s cold outside! All I want to do is chill under a fuzzy blanket. But sadly leaving the house wrapped in a blanket is not socially acceptable. So I am bringing you the next best thing: a comfortable and warm outfit.

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It’s so fluffy

Fluffy coat Numph

So I bought a coat that’s not grey or black. Crazy, right? When I spotted this fluffy coat at Brooklyn I knew it had to be mine. The cuddle factor is just too damn high.

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5 fall trends I’m looking forward to

fall 2018 trend blazer

Now that Starbucks brought back the pumpkin spice latté it’s officially fall time. Which also means it’s time for some new outfits. In this post I’ve collected five fall trends I’m looking forward to.

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One last summer dress

Andy Lucy dress

If there is one thing I’ve learned from the heat the last couple of weeks it’s that my wardrobe is not prepared for these kind of temperatures. After wearing the same dresses all summer it was time to add a new one to my wardrobe. So in came this Andy & Lucy dress from Brooklyn.

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Living in Levi’s

High waisted jeans Levi's

I’m back with a new outfit post. Finally! I took some time off my blog and instagram to enjoy the summer and focus on my new job. But now I’m recharged and ready to find my blogging mojo again.

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Sale! Stocking up on basics

Summer sale basics

Summer sales are here! Just in time to score some heatwave appropriate pieces for this tropical weather we are experiencing in Belgium. But if you know me you know I love a good basic. So this sale season I’m stocking up on the summer basic items I need in my wardrobe. I went trough my favorite websites to find the best deals. Enjoy!

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My carry-on bag essentials


In less than two weeks we are traveling to Fuerteventura. It’s probably time to start thinking about packing, but chances are I’ll end up packing the night before / a couple hours before the flight as usual. A benefit of packing last minute is that I rarely overpack. Nonetheless my carry-on bag tends to be pretty full, but I think I have it down to the essentials this time.

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All black for summer

Black jumpsuit for summer

Long time no outfit post. This sunny weekend I finally found the time to shoot some pictures with my new jumpsuit. All black for summer, just the way I like it. I love black all year round, so these temperatures are not stopping me.

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Dealing with melasma

Melasma forehead

You probably never noticed but I have some serious discoloration on my forehead, better known as melasma. The reason why you never noticed it is because most days I cover it with make-up. And the pictures that show the spot don’t make it to the blog. But today I want to share those pictures, to help others who are dealing with this skin condition and give some tips on how to deal with it.

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Spring is in the air

Spring minimal outfit

Spring has finally arrived in Belgium. We had our first weekend with temperatures above 20 degrees and we celebrated the occasion with a lovely afternoon in Ghent. As did the rest of Belgium so it seems. Finding a place to have a drink in the sun was a struggle, but in the end we found a cute spot we never visited before. Win-win!

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