5 things I loved in January

Time for a new blog series! Every month I want to discuss five things I loved. This can be anything from a Netflix show to a fashion item or a beauty product. I hope you enjoy my monthly favorites and discover something you might love too!

From blog to brand

From blog to brand

I used to love reading when I was a kid, but as I got older I started preferring YouTube and Netflix. But with all of these people coming out with great books I started reading again. From Blog to Brand is written by Laurentine, the founder of Clouds of Fashion, in which she talks about starting up her business. It’s an inspiring read for all entrepreneurial minded people out there.

End of the fucking world

End of the f*cking world

“I am James, I’m 17, and I’m pretty sure I am a psychopath.” My first binge watch of 2018 and one of my favorite shows ever. It’s dark and twisted but oh so funny.

The flared pants

They look different from your basic skinny jeans and feel like you are wearing pyjamas. What is not to love about these? Check them out in this outfit post.

Flare pants

Making 95% of the house decisions

One of the things I didn’t love about this month was making all these decisions on the house. But I’m glad it’s done. That counts as something I loved right? We’ve spend hours on the weekends visiting showrooms and picking out every room in the house. We had to make 90% of the decisions by February. Procrastination is my middle name so we had to pick out everything in one month. Mission accomplished!

Dior diorshow mascara

Dior diorshow mascara

I find it really important to change out my mascara every 3-6 months because they are a hotspot for all kinds of bacteria. Which means I try out a couple of new mascaras every year. My recent favorite is this Dior diorshow mascara. It has a squeezable tube that allows you to ‘warm up’ the mascara so it applies easier. I don’t really do this, but the mascara itself is awesome. It gives you great volume and is easy to apply. Luckily you can buy this mascara at several webshops (for example at Douglas or De Bijenkorf), so don’t forget to check out whether you can get a discount on your order! For example check out this site to get a discount on the Dior mascara I was talking about.