Indian summer outfit

Belgium got a little Indian summer this past weekend. An ideal excuse for the last bare leg outfit of the year. Enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts people!

bodycon dressbodycon dress and sneakersbodycon dress and leather jacketleather jacket

Bodycon dresses always remind me of the Kardashians. In the best way possible that is. These dresses can look really great, or really trashy. It all depends on the fabric and how you style it. It took me a long time to find a bodycon dress that I felt confident in. They tend to show every little flaw (hello love handles) and accentuate them. But there’s something about the ticker fabric and pattern on this dress that makes it figure flattering. Oh and one final tip for feeling confident in your skintight outfit: wear a cardigan or jacket on top if it makes you more comfortable.

Dress – Bien Blue
Shoes – Adidas Superstar
Jacket – Only
Bag – Clio Goldbrenner