Revival of the bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans are back, baby! Jeans are a staple in my closet, and I’m always up to trying out a different pair. This bootcut one is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I’m glad I tried them again after years of skinny jeans.

bootcut jeans outfitZara knitted sweaterbootcut jeans outfitOutfit with flared jeans

These jeans make me feel like I’m starring in That Seventies Show, in the best way possible. I haven’t worn bootcut jeans in years, but recently found this pair in my closet. Why did we all start wearing skinny jeans? Bootcut or flared jeans can look pretty awesome if you ask me. We all got so used to the look of skinny jeans that finding the right shoes and outfit was a challenge at first. I’m not the biggest fan of bootcut jeans paired with sneakers, but they look great with pretty much any type of heeled bootie. Also: heels + bootcut = extra long legs.

What do you think of bootcut jeans?

Pants – H&M
Sweater – Zara
Shoes – Les Autres at Schoenen Torfs
Bag – Clio Goldbrenner