Dressing down office wear

Don’t you just hate it when you have to buy professional attire and rarely get to wear these items? I rarely have to suit up for work, luckily I can get away with jeans and cozy knits most of the time. But I still love wearing suit trousers from time to time. In this post I show you my way of dressing down office wear.

Casual suit pantsGrey coatBlacky dress pants
Celine trio pants suit

It’s a hard knock life for bloggers when it’s cold. You want those pictures without a coat, but also prefer not freezing to death. These pictures were made on a cold and windy day, right by the Port of Ghent. Blue fingers and toes alert. But we warmed up in a coffee bar afterwards so all was well.

These pants remind me of fancy office wear. It’s something you would wear to a job interview. But it’s perfectly possible to dress this down for everyday wear. I paired it with a grey roll neck top that I haven’t worn in ages. My white Nike sneakers give the outfit the perfect casual vibe.

Trousers – Blacky Dress
Top – H&M

Shoes – Nike
Coat – H&M
Bag – Céline trio bag