I got my ear pierced

Is this my quarter life crisis? Two weeks ago I decided to get my ear pierced for the second time. Not the most badass piercing in town, but still pretty exciting for someone with zero tattoos or piercings. I wanted an upper earlobe piercing for years but never got around to it. When I was in Mechelen I decided to finally go for it and have not regretted it since.

Second earlobe piercing

I still have four more weeks of healing to go, but that doesn’t stop me from jewelry shopping. I already bought three pairs of little hoops and some sparkly studs to wear when I’m allowed to switch out the earring. The two infinity hoops and studs were my first purchase at Six, but the hoops are a real struggle to put on. When I found Fashionology on instagram I instantly fell in love with their minimal jewelry and bought another pair of hoops. These are a lot easier to put on because they have a “regular” closure. I love the look of two tiny hoops next to each other so I’ll probably be wearing them a lot in four weeks.

Feel free to leave jewelry webshop suggestions in the comments!