Healthy lifestyle changes you can actually stick to

I’ve been slowly trying to make some healthy lifestyle changes since last summer. I was doing really great in july and august by eating healthy and working out at home. But I’m a stress eater and the last couple of months have been crazy stressful. Which results in me coming home and thinking ‘I just want a glass of wine and some snacks to make everything better’. Starting now I want to try to get back to how I was doing this summer. I’m not a big fan of diets or going to the gym a couple times a week. I’m still one lazy little sucker and could never keep up with that. But making a couple small healthy lifestyle changes is doable.

Healthy lifestyle changes

Drink more water

I am really bad at drinking water. Coffee and Cola all day everyday. Things that help me drink more water are adding some fruits for a fun flavor or filling up a water bottle. A water bottle is pretty confronting, actually seeing how little water I drink motivates me to do better.

Work out at home

Going to the gym three days a week just doesn’t fit in my schedule. But working out at home is a great alternative. I like hula hooping or getting some steps in on my mini stepper. The best part is watching Netflix while doing this, time passes way quicker if you’re watching your favorite show.

Find easy ways to incorporate fruit and veggies

Finding some easy recipes is key while trying to eat more fruit and veggies. We just discovered making stir fry at home isn’t hard at all so we’ve been doing this every week. I also love eating fruit and yoghurt for breakfast so I try to do this daily.

Indulge sometimes to keep you motivated

My weekly french fries are not going anywhere. I need something to look forward to so my friday night fries are staying. And so are my tortilla chips witch guacamole from time to time.

Find some healthy snacks

I’m not much of a sweet tooth so chocolate and cookies are easy to say no to. But on the other hand I will eat an entire pizza as a late night snack… Not eating anything at night makes me grumpy so I tried finding an alternative. I really like sweet potato chips or carrots with hummus.

Reduce the soda

I used to drink a lot of Cola, sometimes more than 1 liter a day. But I slowly reduced this to one glass at dinner. When I’m really craving Cola after this one glass I drink sparkling water as a better option.

I hope you found some easy healthy changes you can implement yourself!