Why I love my Apple Watch

After debating for weeks I finally decided to go for it and buy myself an apple watch. I’ve had it for about a month now and have worn it every single day. My biggest concern was not using it enough, but after wearing it for a month I am convinced it’s worth its price. In this post I go over the three main reasons why I love my watch.Apple Watch series 3

iPhone detox

I am glued to my phone pretty much 24/7. And I’m not going to lie, I still spend way too much time scrolling on my phone. But getting the apple watch definitely has been an improvement. How? My phone is always on silent, and I mean completely silent. I can’t even stand having it on vibrate because I don’t want to be the annoying person with a vibrating phone on the table. Which resulted in me constantly checking my phone for calls and texts. While checking my phone I would get distracted by an instagram notification and would end up scrolling my feed for a good ten minutes. It also made me the person that never picks up when you call them. Oops. Now I never have to worry about missing a call or text because my watch vibrates. I don’t feel the need to check my phone all the time and I don’t even bring it along everywhere I go.


I’ve been trying to be healthier for a couple of months now. The apple watch has a great activity app for tracking your daily activity and workout time. It stimulates me to walk more and take the stairs to reach my daily activity goal. Seriously, gamification is the way to get me moving. Have I walked around the apartment for 15 minutes at 11pm to get my 200% movement goal badge? Yes, that might have happened. If I choose to work out the watch has a workout app that tracks your heart rate and calorie burn while exercising.

Apple watch 3

It’s a cool watch

Yes, I also use it as a watch. Crazy right? I like the way the watch looks and the different watch faces you can choose from are a nice extra. Mine shows my activity rings, the battery life, the day of the week and off course the time.

Details: my watch is a series 3 38mm silver aluminum case, with a sport band in the color fog.