MAC Tendertalk lip balm

The MAC tendertalk lip balm has got me feeling nostalgic in many ways. Do you remember those color changing rings when you were a kid? MAC now has a lip balm that changes color depending on your body chemistry. How cool is that?!

MAC tendertalk play with me

Fun fact: I used to wear lipstick nearly every day a couple of years ago. And not just a subtle pink shade, I would wear bright red or orange on the daily. I don’t know why I stopped doing this. I think I got sick of having to maintain my lip color throughout the day, which can be hassle if you’re wearing bright lipstick. And then I just forgot about it.

Recently I was going through some old pictures and liked the way the red lipstick looked on me. It got me thinking about my MAC lipstick obsessed days. So the MAC tendertalk lip balm found it’s way to my Christmas wish list and santa a.k.a. the boyfriend delivered. For old times sake I went with the red color. I didn’t want to go for a full on red lipstick, so a sheer lip balm was a great place to start. Plus, winter has been rough on my dry lips and they could use some moisture.

MAC tendertalk lip balmMAC tendertalk lip balm

The MAC tendertalk lip balm feels smooth on the lips without being sticky or greasy. Just like a regular lip balm. This texture doesn’t last very long on the lips, so you will have to reapply after a couple of hours. It has the typical vanilla scent that all MAC lipsticks have.

The colors of the tendertalk balms change depending on your body chemistry. So I can only talk about the color that shows up on me. On me the lip balm changes into a sheer warm toned red, almost a dark pink. The sheer red gives an effortless look compared to a full coverage lipstick.

MAC tendertalk play with me swatch

MAC tendertalk lip balm play with me

Do you have a favorite lipstick?