My carry-on bag essentials

In less than two weeks we are traveling to Fuerteventura. It’s probably time to start thinking about packing, but chances are I’ll end up packing the night before / a couple hours before the flight as usual. A benefit of packing last minute is that I rarely overpack. Nonetheless my carry-on bag tends to be pretty full, but I think I have it down to the essentials this time.


Travel documents

I’m a very chaotic person when it comes to managing documents. So before leaving I need to check if I have my ID, boarding documents and any other files I might need all together in one map. Pro tip for my fellow chaotic people: it’s easier to remember to take one map instead of all the separate documents.

Hand sanitizer

I always have hand sanitizer with me, but I especially need it in my bag when I’m at the airport. Just thinking about airport bathrooms makes me want to run to the store for more hand sanitizer.


This year we are going to try not to take a laptop with us, let’s see if we can keep this promise. But I always take my iPad, iPhone, changers and extra battery. My DSLR camera also travels with me in my carry-on because I don’t want it to break in my suitcase. To watch my favorite shows on Netflix I will also need headphones. I like to switch between earbuds and over-the-ear because they both give me headaches. My hand luggage is pretty much an electronics store.


Airplanes tend to get cold after a while so I always bring a sweater with me. Even when it’s warm outside and I’m traveling to a warm destination. A simple long cardigan will do and can be used as a blanket or pillow when you want to take a nap.

A change of clothes

You never know when your suitcase is going to get lost during a layover so I always take an extra change of clothes just in case.


Being stuck in a small space for hours with strangers isn’t great, but I try to make it as pleasant as possible with lots of things to do. I always download some episodes of my favorite shows on Netflix to keep myself busy. Some recommendations: Riverdale, Dynasty and Stranger Things. A book or some games on your iPhone are also a fun pastime when you get sick of watching Netflix.