Our bathroom visionboard

The house is finally coming together, what a relief. We even got the news the builders are a month ahead on schedule and are starting the structural work somewhere this week. It’s going to be so exciting to see our house progress every week. For now I want to share our plans for the bathroom.

freestanding bathmodern freestanding bath

The bathroom is by far my favorite room in the house. I look forward to relaxing in the bath every day. My biggest wish was a freestanding bath. It gives the room a luxurious touch and just looks very fancy and modern. Our biggest concern was the price and size of those things. Eventually we found one in our budget. The size turned out to not be a problem in our bathroom, it’s pretty spacious. We did made the architect move the windows 10 centimeters because we found the perfect spot for the bath and wanted the windows exactly in the middle of the tub. Yes, we are that obnoxious.

bathroom storagebathrooom cabinet

For the shower we chose a walk in shower with a glass wall. It’s probably going to be hell to clean, but it looks great and we are more bath people than shower people anyway. The walk in shower turned out to be cheaper than a standard shower with door. Who knew shower doors were that expensive?

The last thing in our bathroom is the sink cabinet. As like the other rooms in the house we went with a white, black and wood color scheme. Which is why we chose a wooden cabinet. On top of the cabinet we have a vessel sink and a huge mirror. We haven’t picked out any extra storage, so let’s hope I can fit all of my beauty products and towels in the cabinet. In the worst case we still have some space left to put an extra closet.

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