Our bedroom vision board

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a home update. But as 2019 is rapidly approaching, so is our moving date. Time to start Pinteresting again! In this post I want to share our plans for the bedroom.

bedroom mirrorbedroom dresser neutralsbedroom light bulbminimal bedroom white dresserreading nook

The new bedroom is going to be quite a bit bigger than the bedroom in our appartement. The reason for this extra space is that it was meant to have our dressing and bedroom in one space. But as I own a lot of clothes and shoes I wanted to create a separate room for this. Which leaves us with a lot of unused space in the bedroom.

My initial idea is to use this extra room for a dresser and maybe a cute reading nook. A big bookcase with reading nook is also an option. The possibilities are endless! You can check out more bedroom inspiration on my Pinterest board.

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