Our home office vision board

When I wrote my last home blog post the structural work on the house was about to start. By the time I’m writing this one our first floor is starting to look like a real house. It’s so much fun to see the progress every week, finally some real action! Now let’s talk about our plans for the home office.

White home officeNeutral home officeHome officeHome office detailsScandinavian home office

We have three bedrooms in the house + a large attic that can be made into a bedroom. One of these rooms is going to be our home office. I work from home one day a week and work on my blog at night and on the weekend. A real office is going to be much nicer than having to turn our kitchen table into an office space every couple of days. The boyfriend also needs some space when he is working from home so it’s going to be a shared space for the two of us.

We don’t have a desk or any office furniture except for an Ikea kallax shelf unit, so we are pretty much starting with an empty room. I really like the look of a wooden desk but I think it might clash with our laminate floor. Like the rest of our house we want a clean and white home office with a Scandinavian touch.

We haven’t decided if we want our two desks to be facing each other or if we want to sit next to each other facing a wall. Both options ended up on my pinterest boards.

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