Our kitchen visionboard

The last few days have revolved around designing the rooms in our house. A process I wanted to document on the blog. Let’s start with one of the most important rooms: the kitchen. Food is love, food is life. So we need to get this room just right. I’ve been Pinteresting up a storm to find some kitchen inspiration.

white scandinavian kitchen

Here’s a list of ideas we have so far:
• A kitchen island
• Lots of white, with some grey or wooden accents
• No handles on the cabinets
• Enough storage space
• Creating an open vibe with the living room

The kitchen might be our hardest room to figure out. The downstairs of our house will have a similar layout as our apartment right now. It has an L-shape with the kitchen behind the corner, but still open and connected to the living / dining room. We love this about our apartment because the person who is cooking can talk to the people who are sitting in the living room. But the house is quite a lot bigger, which makes it more difficult to create the same “open” feeling. To fix this problem we are thinking about adding a kitchen island to bring the two rooms together.

White, grey and wood is the general aesthetic of our apartment. Our style can best be described as Scandinavian / urban modern. We love how the apartment turned out, so we’ll probably recreate this style in the house. Be prepared for an overload of white and grey, as you can see in my Pinterest inspiration so far.
white kitchen stone wallwhite modern kitchen

I’ve even made a little wish list with some items I want for the new kitchen. Nothing wrong with a little online window-shopping, right?
kitchen wishlist

  1. Brabantia bin 2. H&M home bowl  3. H&M home jar 4. H&M home salt & pepper 5. Simon Levelt coffee maker

Image sources: featured image – Talosanomat, image 1 – furnish my way, image 2 – Homedeco, image 3 – PS Magazin