Relaxing bath essentials

Confession time: I rarely take showers. I’m not a gross person, if that is what you are thinking, but I take a bath every day. My relaxing bath is something I look forward to every day. Most days a little bath cream will do. But some days I want to be extra and get out all of my relaxing bath essentials.

Relaxing bath essentials

Creating a relaxing vibe

Most days I use my bath time to scroll on my phone or watch a YouTube video. But when I really want to relax and enjoy my bath to the fullest I like to create a calming atmosphere with music and candles. You can browse Spotify for some relaxing music, I really like Frank Ocean when I want to chill. Another tip to create a calming bath is adding some plants, candles and dim the light.

Relaxing bathRelaxing bath essentials

Relaxing bath essentials

When my Nivea bath cream isn’t enough I like to add a Lush bath bomb. It has some benefits for your skin, but I mostly just want to watch the pretty colors. Please note that there will be some cleaning up afterwards. Take this from a person that was scrubbing glitter of the bathtub for ten minutes after the dragon egg bath bomb.

To make your skin extra soft it’s nice to use a scrub. The rituals scrub jars are my favorites and they are not even that expensive. I’m using the hammam scrub at the moment, but I also love the scent of the good luck scrub (sweet orange & cedar wood). Don’t forget to use a moisturizing body lotion after scrubbing because this tends to dry out your skin.

Washing my hair isn’t something that relaxes me, but if you need to wash your hair it’s fun to add a mask while you’re soaking in the bath. The same goes for facemasks. No better feeling than laying in your luxury bath while these products are working their magic.