Why I still love blogging

November marks 5 years since I launched inezzed.be. That’s five years of blogging, on four different sites and three inezzed.be relaunches. It’s been one hell of a ride. In 2017 I can say I still love blogging and here is why:

Why I still love blogging

1. Having your own platform

You don’t own social media. I’ve talked a lot about this subject in real life. What I mean is that social media is a service you use and not something you own. If Instagram decides to pull the plug or changes their platform drastically there is nothing you can do about it. All of those likes and followers you’ve put days and days of work in can be gone in one second. People already started panicking when Instagram changed their algorithm, image what would happen if they did another fake follower purge or an even bigger change to the algorithm. A blog on the other hand is something you own and are in charge of. I love this blogpost on the subject of social media versus blogging.

2. The opportunities

Looking back on these five years of Inezzed a lot of things wouldn’t have been possible without my blog. I’ve went to so many amazing events, a fashion show and a city trip to Rotterdam. Going to an event on my own used to be the scariest thing, but experiencing this taught me how to network and meet new people everywhere.

3. The people

During these five years I’ve met some great bloggers who I now call friends. We still meet up from time to time and talk about the good old days like the blogging grannies we are (haha).

4. You never stop learning

I’ve learned so much in these five years. As a blogger you are your own designer, developer (thank god my boyfriend does these tasks for me), marketeer, copywriter, photographer, social media manager and much more. As someone who studied communications and now works in e-commerce the things I’ve learned (and am still learning) through blogging are still relevant in my day-to-day life.