Top 5 designer bags for work

Most people work five days a week, that’s five days of having to carry around all of your stuff from and to the office. Might as well do this in style, am I right? I know not everyone wants a designer bag for everyday use. But for my fellow bag lovers out there I’ve selected my top 5 designer bags for work.

Clio Goldbrenner

The most important thing when it comes to a work bag is space. You want to be able to fit A LOT in there. A laptop, your lunch, a wallet, keys, phone, a notebook, and the list goes on. Sometimes it feels like I’m carrying half of my life with me. While selecting these top five work bags I made sure they fit a 13 inch laptop. I don’t recommend carrying your laptop in your bag, because the weight can damage the material. But you could if you really want to.

Except for the Louis Vuitton one I picked out all black bags. I love classic black bags because they go with every outfit. But if you like bold colors, you do you! Check out my picks as best designer bags for work below.

Designer bags for work

Bag in picture: Clio Goldbrenner Classic – Collage: Givenchy Antigona, Mulberry Bayswater, Saint Laurent Sac de Jour, Louis Vuiton Neverfull