We are building a house!

We are officially building a house, yay! We’ve been working on this for a while now but everything is finally falling into place.

building a house

Deciding where we want to live turned out to be the easy part. We both knew we wanted to stay close to Ghent. We’ve been living here for a little over a year and don’t see ourselves leaving anytime soon. I love having everything close by, but still living in a quiet area. And now we will be even closer to our favorite coffee place, hooray!

Deciding on a house turned out to be a bit trickier, as living close to the city is expensive. We didn’t know if we wanted to buy a house or build one ourselves and looked into both of these options. In the end building a house turned out to be the more budget friendly option.

It has been a process getting all of the paperwork and financial stuff sorted out. The struggle has been very, very real. But after the initial administrative crap is done, we can start picking out floor tiles, a bathroom, a kitchen and every detail. Which sounds a lot more fun than comparing loans and picking out a notary. Pinterest, here I come!