Life isn’t perfect but your feed can be

My white Instagram feed is something I often get questions about. In today’s blogpost I will tell you all of my editing secrets and tips for having a crispy white Instagram feed.
White instagram theme

  1. The biggest tip of all: take pictures that are mainly white. This is obvious, but it makes such a difference. If you’ve ever seen my apartment you know I genuinely love everything white, grey and neutral. Which automatically gives me pictures that fit together. Taking white photos on the go can be challenging. If I’m out and about I try to look for white walls and white tables to have enough white space on my photos. Just remember: quality before quantity. It’s better to not post something that day, than posting something that doesn’t fit your feed for the sake of posting. The picture will bug you and you will probably end up deleting it anyway. Been there, done that.
  2. iPhone editing: the first thing I do when I start editing is adding more light. I really like the photo edit options on my iPhone to do this.
  3. VSCO editing: a great tip for a cohesive feed is always using the same app and filter. I always use HB1 in the VSCO app, a great filter for white and cool toned pictures. The next thing I do is amp up the exposure a little bit more in VSCO. Most of the time I do +1 or +2. I also decrease the contrast in photos that have black or dark details. The final thing I do in VSCO is altering the saturation, I do -1 or -2 depending on the photo.
  4. Now on to Instagram: the last thing I do before posting is up the brightness one last time with Instagram’s own editing. Can’t have enough brightness, right?
  5. Before posting I usually check if the photo looks good in my feed using the UNUM app. This app gives you the option to drag and drop pictures to see how your feed would look.

One final tip: you can copy and paste your editing in VSCO, this is a handy and fast way to always edit your photos the same way.